Single Compression cable gland

Single Compression cable gland ( Brass , SS)


Single compression cable gland is also called as Normal cable gland. As the name suggests, while you tighten the gland, the grip or compression is effected only at one place i.e. at the cable armour only. There is scope for moisture and corrosive vapour to enter the gland and thus into the cable.

In single compression cable gland there is no cone and cone ring . So the mechanical support here is the only neoprene rubber seal.

Single compression and double compression gland is completely classified on the basis of zonal classification.

Zonal classification is the distribution of zone as per its level of risk. This shows how hazardous area it is ?

It is classified as zone 0 , zone 1 , zone 2 ( for gas , vapour and mist atmosphere) similarly for zone 21 or zone 22 for dust atmosphere.

The one who is in the field of oil and gas will definitely understand the importance of zonal classification.



  • Easy to install
  • High durability
  • Smooth finish
  • Secure against self loosening


  • Provide electrical continuity between gland and cable at entry point.
  • Also used to sheath the outer grip of the cable.


There are different sizes of cable gland is available as per its application.

Single compression cable gland size chart is attached below -:

We are providing cable gland of every available size.

Submit your custom drawing as per the requirement.

For more detail please feel free to Contact us.

Thank you !

Material: Brass
Plating: Chromium, Nickel, Other As Per Req.
Application: Control Cable, Electrical Power Cable, ELECTRONIC GADGET
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