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Round bush


Bush works on the principal of the fluid films where viscosity of the lubricant mates the supporting surfaces.

It require a very minimal amount of lubrication to function, and in case of starvation, it does not self destruct, and continues to function with reduced efficiency. They are usually made of bronze alloy which has a self lubricating effect, and does not friction weld unlike most alloys. Some low RPM applications us bushings which are dry or merely greased.

It is a round concentric cylinder which gives support to shaft. If the shaft rotates, it functions as a kind of rotating bearing.

Selection depends on factors like space in which if space is very limited then only bush can be applied.

The other one is radial load if load is less then 70 kg / sq then only we can use bush otherwise we have to switch towards bearings.


MaterialBrass , Bronze
Finishing typePolished
GradeIS 319

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Material: Brass
Plating: Other As Per Req.
Application: Submercible pump
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