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What is Cable gland? & its different types

  • It is a device designed to permit the entry of electrical cable into an electrical equipment which provide sealing ,retention , earthing , bonding , retention, strain relief etc
  • It is playing an important role in attaching and securing the end of electrical cables to different kind of an electrical equipment.
  • It is mainly applicable in electrical instrumentation , control , telecommunication cable in petrochemical and oil & gas industry.

How to select the cable gland?

Gland should be selected on following basis.

  1. Type of cable
  2. Gland size
  3. Entry type / Thread Specification of application.
  4. Ingress protection
  5. Material

Type of cable

  1. Unarmored cable
  2. Armoured cable
  1. Unarmoured cable -: The unarmoured cable have normal insulation on the conductor which provide ingress protection as well as the degree of retention.
  2. Armoured cable -: The armoured cable outside have a protective layer of galvanised steel or copper . Armoured gland require clamping mechanism to terminate the armour mechanically and electrically. It is usually required to provide ingress protection.

Different material of gland

  1. Nylon glands
  2. Brass glands
  3. PVC glands
  4. Alluminiun glands
  5. Plastic glands etc.

Type of cable gland

  1. Brass indoor type gland
  2. Brass outdoor type gland
  3. Brass straitening Unarmored cable gland
  4. Brass weather proof gland
  5. Industrial type glands
  6. Flexible gland
  7. EMC gland
  8. Explosion proof gland
  9. PG threaded gland

1 Brass Indoor type gland

  • This type of gland can be applicable in various type of cable such as plastic , rubber or any other.
  • Applicable for all type of SWA cables ( Single wire armoured) , plastic or rubber sheathed cables.
  • Cable type -: Steel wire armour
  • Armour clamping -: Two part armour lock

2 Brass outdoor type gland

  • This type of gland applicable for both indoor and outdoor type along with various type of cable sheathed and unsheathed.
  • Brass indoor and outdoor gland are generally used with SWA ( Single wire armoured)
  • Plastic or rubber sheathed cable terminates and secure cable armouring and outer grip sheaths of cable thus ensures mechanical strength and earth continuity.
  • CW Brass glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities.
  • Generally used in dry conditions.
  • No loose parts and very easy to install.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Gland size -: 20 mm to 75 mm
  • Accessories -: Earth tag , PVC Shroud , Neo prime rubber & LSF , washer , Brass lock nut.
  • Cable type -: Wire braid armour
  • Armour clamping -: Three parts with brass lock nut

3 Brass straitening Unarmoured cable gland

  • Nickel and chrome finish gland are used with variety of rubber, plastic or sheathed cable.
  • Applicable for both outdoor and indoor application.
  • Cable type – Unarmoured
  • Accessories -: Brass lock nut , earth tag , Neo prime , LSF rubber , PVC Washer and shroud brass weather proof gland.
  • Size -: 20mm to 75mm

4 Brass weather proof gland

  • This type of gland is used with single armoured type of SWA cables , plastic or rubber sheathed cable.
  • It is famous for its uniterrupted services once the gland is fixed.
  • It is suitable for both SWA or rubber sheathed cable.
  • Weatherproof and waterproof.
  • Design has seperate armour lock ring so that it can supply with integeral earth facility.
  • Gland size -: 20mm to 75mm
  • Cable type -: SWA
  • Armour clamping -: Three part armour lock.
  • Sealing area -: Inner and outer sheath.
  • Generally outer seal bedding layer is used in cable in most of the climatic condition whether dry or in moisture condition.

5 Industrial type gland

  • Industrial glands are well designed to effectively terminate cables into industrial enclosure and it provides industrial enclosures on the cable.
  • Cable type -: Wire braid armour
  • Armour clamping -: Three part with lock nut
  • A compression type sealing technique is used.
  • It is recommended to go for PVC shroud for the sake of ingress protection.
  • This gland is suitable for rubber or plastic sheathed which terminates and secures the cable armouring and the outer seal grip of the cable which will ensure us about its mechanical strength and earth continuity.

6 Flexible Cable gland

  • It is spiral in shape.
  • The main purpose for it is to safeguard the cable from the sharp edges at an exiting hole where a cut is being made.
  • It will provide strain relief to the cable in which cable will move manually or frequently.
  • It offers resistant to sand , dirt and dust.
  • It provide water pressure with very high clamping range.
  • It also provide strong rubber seal to safeguard against dripping water.
  • It provides high strength polyamide compositions.
  • It is mainly applicable in gas stations.

7 EMC Cable gland

  • The word EMC stands for Electromagnetic compatibility.
  • It will compress the cable seales and provide EMC protection through the cable and its equipment.
  • It is generally applicable where electromagnetic shield is required.
  • It will provide strain relief feature.
  • It is made from brass and stainless steel material.

8 Explosion proof Cable gland

  • This type of gland will safeguard the exploit and power proof cables .
  • It is generally made from brass and stainless steel.
  • It will provide resistance to corrosion and explosion.
  • It is mainly applicable in oil & gas and marine industry.
  • Generally applicable where there is application of heavy voltage and a place where probability of heavy explosion is there.

9 PG Threaded gland

  • It is nickel and chrome plated gland .
  • It is a custom made cable gland to meet the requirement of industries.
  • Generally available in round and hexagonal shape.

Compression type glands

1 Single compression cable gland

2 Double compression cable gland

1 Single compression cable gland

  • It is applicable in average climatic conditions.
  • It offers electrical continuity between gland and unarmoured cable at an entry cable.
  • It provides seal on outer sheath of the cable.
  • It is applicable in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Accessories -: Lock nut , washer , body , seal , claw , threaded lock sealing nut.

2 Double compression cable gland

  • Generally used for lightly armoured cable.
  • It is applicable in both weather and dust proof climatic condition.
  • It is applied when huge no. of wires are coming out from a system or going into the system.
  • It is applicable in weather proof and flame proof or in explosive atmosphere.

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